App development , Web application development , Public cloud hosting , Support and Software Architecture consulting

We are a software development and consulting company with primary focus on automating business processes, developing web applications , mobile apps, cloud enablement & migration solutions and application integrations. We offer end to end solutions right from visualising your business concepts till realising the concept using software solutions and further also maintaining them. You will realise with us that carefree service does not have to be expensive.

We have experience in developing solutions that require high end security ( for governments) and scalability to cater to thousands of users and at the same time we are also experienced providing fit for purpose solutions to startups and small organisations.

We are a team of experienced software architects and developers with years of experience in delivering solutions to customers and organisations that require custom software solutions to cater to their needs. We understand the needs of our customer and apply an approach that is well suited for that purpose. We transform your business ideas in to a working digital solution in stages using a completely collaborative and open approach.

Here are some ways ( not limited to) we can help you with our expertise.

  1. A minimum viable product implementation of your business that can hit the market real fast to give you a time to market advantage.
  2. You have an idea or a concept and want to digitalise it end to end.
  3. A quick proof of value for your business concept that can be used to get your brilliant idea to the next stage.
  4. You want a custom mobile app for you new idea.
  5. You want a custom mobile app for an existing solution of yours.
  6. You want to migrate your application and move to a public cloud infrastructure.
  7. You want to make your current solution highly available and scalable to that your services are available for more number of clients / users.
  8. You want to automate your business processes to drive cost efficiency and productivity.
  9. You want to upscale your in-house development team with our developers using our flexible team augmentation models.
  10. You want help with integrating your existing solutions with third party APIs and solutions.
  11. You want to to expose your existing solutions make it available for third parties via APIs.


In short we have expertise in every aspect of software development and maintenance. A lot of our clients are startups and scale-ups and thus you can certainly trust us to understand how important the costs and timelines are for you! All our customers that we have collaborated with so far, are ready to vouch for us. Check out our testimonials section and see for yourself.